• Produsele SA "Fabrica de pâine din Orhei"

  • Vinurile SA "API din Orhei"

  • SC "Autotest" SRL - centru de testare şi instruire auto

  • Bazinul - destinatia preferata a orheienilor si a oaspetilor orasului

  • Marca comercială "Lozawine"

  • Autobusele SA "Coloana auto - 2811"

  • Restaurantul "Codru"

  • CM "Doctor"

 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

As representatives of the „CODRU" Holding Company , we express our profound gratitude for having the opportunity to invite you to initiate a mutually profitable partnership. Our company was founded in 1994 by a group of Moldovan, Romanian, Italian and Russian businessmen and represents a territorial holding, whose subdivisions are in the district of Orhei, in the central region of Republic of Moldova.

Below, we offer a short description of the companies that are part of our Trust:


"API" corp. - An industrial complex that produces and pours high quality wine of the following types: "Cabernet", "Merlot", "Chardonnay", "Cahor" and forty others. The company has modern Italian equipment with a production capacity of 3000 bottles per hour.

"Orhei-Mobila" corp. - Manufactures all types of furniture, wooden products. Co-production of bus passenger seats for public transportation.

A branch of the German "Klassen-Automobile" LLC - Produces and modifies "Sprinter" trucks into passenger busses according to the license of "Mercedes-Benz".

"Fabrica de paine Orhei" corp. - Baking of bread, production of wheat flour, corn sticks, pastry and other flour products.


"CA - 2811" corp. (Bus Park) - Passenger transportation on the local, national and international routes (more than 120 busses). Our company is the leading provider of transportation services in Moldova.

"Vitlozval-Grup" LLC - Vehicle repair and technical service center.

"CA - 2830" corp. - Offering lease service of production and storage placements with a total area of about 5000 square meters.

"Autotest" LLC - A vehicle testing station and an auto school for the drivers of A, B, C, D and E license categories.

"Orsacor" LLC - Petrol station and retail store. Vehicle repair and technical services are also offered.


"Consmont" corp. - Offers building, assembling and reparation services and is equipped with concrete technologies.

"Drum-2" corp. - Road building and reparation services, has an asphalt and concrete production factories.


“Basarabia" corp. - Distribution, Logistics, dealership, wholesale of food products and consumer goods, has a network of 700 retail units, which currently is serving 5 districts in the central zone of the Republic of Moldova with a population of more than 300 thousand people.

”Deservire-Orhei" corp. - Assembles tractors, aggregates and mechanisms for cars used on rural lands, produces repair parts and other technical products for car and truck parks, as well as technical oxygen.

Joint Moldovan-German Company "Doicimoldor" LLC - Production of building and finishing materials for the European market.

"Vitmar-Com" LLC - Commercial import-export activity.

"Lozawine" LLC , Iasi, Romania - Import, export, distribution and trade of wine products.

"Lozawine Imports Incorporated LTD" Brooklyn", NY, USA - Import, export and trade.

"Orrom-Exim" LLC - Import, export and trade.


"Elcom" corp. - Specializes in the production of low-voltage devices (all types of relay), electro-technical. Co-production of bus passenger seats for public transportation.

“Orsolgaz" LLC - Bars, maintenance and repairing of vehicles, billiards, agents for the sale of a wide range of goods.

"CODRU" Trust stockholders exercise their control over the above mentioned companies via the controlling interest in their stock. This way, we can guarantee the systematic execution of the responsibilities assumed in front of our partners, by making sure the companies perform at their best.

We are prepared to:

  1. Offer shared products and services, demanded on both the internal and external markets Attract Western European orders (outsourcing) on the basis of low labor and energy prices, as well as on the favorable investments and tax legislation
  2. Grow, prepare and distribute ecologically clean animal and plant breeding products Process raw materials, produce juice, tinned goods and wine that comply with European standards of quality
  3. Widely import and implement advanced industrial technologies from Germany, Italy, France and the US, as well as production lines for food, tinned goods, juice, wine and hard liquors from CIS countries, including second-hand equipment.

We have the experience, possibility and will become serious dealers, distributors, agents that would defend your companies' interests in the central region of Republic of Moldova and would also like to emphasize the favorable perspectives that unwrapped in our country's investment environment starting with 2008:

  1. Asymmetric marketing regime with EU and CIS countries which is valid till 2015 , preferences for export of Moldovan products to the EU countries, that is over 14 thousand items that can be exported without customs duties on preferential terms.
  2. Value added tax facilities on investments import (cars, equipment, etc.) intended to be used as a statutory capital.
  3. Returned value added taxes on capital investments, with the exception of those invested in transport and housing.

At last we sincerely wish for a successful and mutually profitable affiliation that would exceed everybody's expectations.

We are interested in attracting and actively implementing investments. The financial loan amount that we are willing to invest in the structure of our holding is minimum 100 thousand $ US for a 1-10 years term and offer up to 6% of guaranteed annual return. At the same time, our companies' assets can serve as property pledge to secure the respective loan. Also, we can agree to issue preferred shares or corporate bonds to serve as security. We can fully assure you that you will be dealing with responsible and punctual partners that will strictly and entirely accomplish the assumed obligations.

Our holding's companies provide a wide range of products and services. We take into the account the changes in the market demand and consumer expectations and continuously extend and improve upon our operations. Currently, we require the extension of circulating capital, as well as the acquisition and modernization of our assets in order to create a more productive atmosphere. This way, we could have a much more complete conformity between the offered products and services and the payment capacity of internal and external markets.


Hoping for future collaboration, Sincerely yours,


„CODRU" Holding Company President